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Do you manage a vet practice and

Are tired of losing customers to online petfood stores?

An innovative solution for your Veterinary Centre.

Automatically, Quickly and Efficiently, we create a competitive online shop with over 2500 products to meet all the nutritional needs of your patients.

NO Monthly charges or other obligations

Join more than 100 veterinary practices who already have their online store


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We have the solution.

That allows you to , not only, decrease customer losses to online stores,

but to finally win over all those customers who don't buy petfood from you.

No implementation, entry or maintenance costs

No mandatory stay

No need to manually place orders

No need to manage deliveries

No logistical needs

No need for your own stock

With over 2000 references

With more than 30 brands

With personalised customer service

With the possibility to use your practice as a free pickup point for orders of any value

30 horas

4x better


average order delivery time

a conversion rate that is more than 4 times better than average onlinestores

retention rate

Don't even consider the nightmare of managing of logistics and delivery management, but offer a competitive solution to your clients.

Free yourself from the hassle of stock and order management, and increase your petfood portfolio instantly.

With no need for Stock Management and a portfolio of more than 2500 products

A wide range of pricing and product strategies for you to choose from...

1) Conservative

You can choose to practise the brands' Recommended Retail Price in your Onlinestore. We offer you a turnkey solution with over 2000 products and more than 30 brands that allows you to increase your offer exponentially, without any risk, with an average margin of almost 30%.

But... you will continue to lose clients to onlinestores, and will hardly recover clients already lost, if they are buying online.

2) Moderate

You can choose to have the brands' PVPR as standard but we have created a range of discount codes for you.

These codes allow you to try to stem the loss of customers to online by offering more competitive prices to selected customers or on certain references.

It may help you decrease the number of customers who move on to online on their second purchase, but it also doesn't increase your petfood customer base.

3) Insightful

Using our recommended retail price (5% on average above online benchmarks) we guarantee a net margin of 15% on Purina brands and 10% on all others.

You have a competitive solution for your customersand you have an easy way to manage petfood sales.

This concept is supported by our market figures. Our shops have an average conversion rate that is more than 4 times that of the usual petfood ecommerce, and a retention rate of more than 50%.

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Your power as a vet is your recommendation.

With it, your Onlinestore will be competitive and serve as a lever for the growth of your business.

is a joint project by

& is the result of a partnership between Petable and Purina®, as a way to create a possibility for veterinary clinics to have at their disposal an easy, fast and competitive way to provide their customers with a convenient online shop solution.

Both Petable and Purina, understand that the best way to continue to reward Veterinary Clinics for their key role as prescribers of quality food is to create a solution that takes stock management, pricing and logistics out of the equation, while allowing clinic clients to have a competitive solution for todays' market.

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